The next phase for mobile devices is glasses-free 3D. And it’s not just on the horizon; it’s already here. Stay ahead of the curve and give your device an edge in the marketplace with the leading 3D technology for autostereoscopic mobile displays.

MasterImage 3D autostereoscopic displays set a new standard for audience engagement and impact on mobile devices — a complete 3D experience anywhere you go, without 3D glasses. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With the highest-definition resolutions and a patented design that yields maximum brightness, our displays make content on mobile devices more lifelike and consumer experiences more engaging.

  • 3D Technology


    You have to see it to believe it.

    Our patented Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier technology produces the world’s highest quality autostereoscopic mobile 3D display for an immersive viewing experience without glasses.

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  • 3D Business Model


    A process so perfect it’s patented.

    MasterImage 3D mobile displays are brought to life through a patented manufacturing process we engineered to ensure precise alignment between our 3D module and the LCD.

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  • 3D Displays


    Our innovation is leading the way.

    We’re focused on improving the mobile 3D viewing experience for today’s smartphones and tablets while also extending our leading-edge technology to the platforms of the future.

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  • 3D Use Cases


    Picture the possibilities.

    MasterImage 3D displays give content creators the power to bring bold new 3D experiences to every mobile device: 3D books, 3D games, 3D apps, and more.

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Take a Look Behind the Screens 

Unparalleled Image Quality

  • Maximized brightness, lowest cross-talk
  • The widest 3D viewing angle
  • Natural 3D viewing experience


  • Easily integrates into current TFT manufacturing lines
  • Barrier can be tuned for different displays
  • Scales to mass production volumes


  • Precise alignment process ensures high production yield
  • Barrier based on simple TN LCD technology