Lessons from E3 2012: Tablets Key to 3D Gaming

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Last week in Los Angeles was the gaming industry's biggest showcase. The E3 Expo is the annual level-up where publishers, consoles and handheld devices spare no expense to shock the world with their latest slate for 2012 Christmas. The major headlines spanned from Nintendo's latest console: Wii U, the return of Halo 4 and Epic Games debuted Unreal Engine 4.


Our Top 5 'Fight Flat' 3D Moments in Prometheus

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Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction (a genre he helped define with Blade Runner and Alien ), opened this past weekend to the tune of $51 million at the box office in the U.S. While debate rages on about the film's thought-provoking plot, one thing is certain: Ridley Scott has delivered one of the best uses of 3D to ever hit cinema. Prometheus (shot in native 3D) looks amazing!

Is the Gap Between 3D Conversion and Native 3D Shrinking?

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Men in Black was given a score of 32 out of 35 (a score normally reserved for the highest quality, native productions). Have we reached a point where 3D conversions are comparable to native 3D movies?


The Next Chapter in Books Will Be 3D

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People often ask us about the types of content they'll be able to experience on a glasses-free 3D tablet. There are of course 3D movies, games, apps, music videos, etc. But there's always one 3D content genre that gets a surprised reaction: The 3D book.

AllThingsD: "Can a Better Screen Finally Produce a 3D Tablet Worth Buying?"

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"MasterImage 3D, a company that already does 3-D technology for the cinema, is turning its attention to tablets. As is the case with a number of other 3-D phones on the market, MasterImage can create 3-D displays that don’t require special glasses. Its technology puts a special layer over traditional screens to create a second image, and then switches rapidly between the images to be seen by the left and right eyes." "MasterImage 3D’s 3D Tablet: Surprisingly Decent, and No Glasses Needed"

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"MasterImage 3D visited TIME’s San Francisco office today with another demo unit. This one was a 10" Android tablet, based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. And while it wasn’t a product that’s for sale — it’s just a reference design designed to show hardware makers what’s possible — I was impressed all over again."


High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D Takes Center Stage at CinemaCon

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We're live at CinemaCon! This year, the hot topic without question has been High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D. On Monday, exhibitors were given a sneak peek of Peter Jackson's long-awaited 'The Hobbit' in 48fps HFR 3D. Reviews of the 10-minute clip were mixed.