MasterImage 3D Challenges RealD’s Utility Model Patent Application in China

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Files Invalidation Over Blatant Lack of Inventiveness; Vows to Stand With Customers Against RealD’s Unfair Threats

BEIJING, CHINA — (September 2, 2014) — MasterImage 3D, a worldwide leader in 3D display technologies for digital cinema, took action to challenge the validity of RealD’s utility model (UM) patent in China, filing an invalidation before the State Intellectual Property Office on August 22, 2014. MasterImage 3D specifically argues that RealD’s utility model patent blatantly lacks novelty over MasterImage 3D’s earlier filed patent applications and over RealD’s older patents disclosed several years prior in the United States.

MasterImage 3D concluded that RealD’s utility model patent filed in China is not valid and lacks inventiveness. This UM application was only successfully granted, because Chinese UM patents lack substantive examination.

MasterImage 3D asserted that it will stand with customers in all cases, as RealD has taken varying actions to threaten customers and competitors around the world. If RealD continues unsupported threats against MasterImage 3D customers, MasterImage 3D will take any action necessary to stop them. MasterImage 3D is also evaluating their own legal remedies to counter RealD’s misuse of the UM patent.

MasterImage 3D Receives Patent Approval for Innovative High-Brightness, Cinematic 3D Imaging Process

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Patented Technology Behind New MI-HORIZON3D Digital Cinema System

LOS ANGELES, CA — (April 22, 2014) — MasterImage 3D, provider of pioneering 3D solutions for theaters and mobile devices, today announced the approval by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) of its key patents 10-1387096 and 10-1387097. Worldwide patent applications are in progress. 

The patented, ground-breaking technology enables high-brightness 3D image projection in cinemas using a three-beam optical system. In order to improve sharpness and clarity of 3D imagery on-screen, the three-way beam technology provides best-in-class alignment between pass-through and reflected images, which is superior to processes used by existing two-beam solutions. Incorporating a novel precision polarized beam-splitter (PBS), the MasterImage 3D method efficiently achieves higher performance of polarization and support for throw-ratios as low as 0.8, the lowest in the industry. The MasterImage 3D method improves brightness efficiency; moreover, by eliminating the magnification lens found in competitive products, it also enhances the ease of installation and operation.

Cinemaxx selects MasterImage 3D for Rollout of 3D Screens in Indonesia

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Select MI-HORIZON3D, High-Brightness Cinema System, to Provide Premium 3D Experiences

CINEMACON, LAS VEGAS & LOS ANGELES, CA — (March 24, 2014) – MasterImage3D, Inc., a provider of pioneering 3D solutions for theatres, announced today a partnership with Cinemaxx, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s Lippo Group, to provide 3D cinema systems to support Cinemaxx’s rollout of cineplexes across Indonesia.

Indonesian conglomerate Lippo Group is a leading property developer with significant investment in retailing, media, hospitality, financial services, energy, IT, healthcare and education. Cinemaxx, the latest addition to Lippo Group’s entertainment business, has plans to expand the film exhibition industry in Indonesia by opening over 1,000 new screens over the next five years with 3D as a prominent component of that experience. Cinemaxx will install its first MasterImage 3D systems in June 2014.

Folded 3D screens from Severtson at CinemaCon 2014

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We just got news that Severtson Screens are launching the new folded S?Vision 3D GX line of silver cinema projection screens at CinemaCon 2014. Looks like they will have more info at their booth (2010A).

This is something to investigate as new folded shipping method can make international distribution of 3D screens more affordable and reduce shipping costs up to 70 percent.

Folded Silver 3d Banner

Local Manufacturing of 3D Eyewear in Argentina with Full Dimensional

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MasterImage 3D has partnered with Sergio Neuspiller and Full Dimensional to manufacture 3D eyewear domestically in Argentina to provide the region the best possible product and a competitive price with exceptional local service.  Mr. Neuspiller is one of Argentina's most respected 3D experts and we are thrilled to work with him to grow the 3D business throughout the region.  In addition to local 3D eyewear, Full Dimensional is representing the line of MasterImage 3D digital cinema products to exhibitors throughout Argentina.

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